11:11 Astrology✨⭐️✨We are in a StarGate of Higher Dimensions as we move through the Magic of Transformational Scorpio Season⭐️♏️⭐️We are intentionally shifting up and out of what doesn’t feel totally aligned with our Higher Self💫💫💫The Scorpio Journey is Alchemy…turning our leaden selves to golden selves☀️👑☀️It happens through loving ourselves enough to allow for a magical creation of the New Earth through our New MultiDimensional Light Bodies, Minds & Spirits🐥🐣🐥Scorpio Season is a Powerful Mystical time🦂🦄🦉🐫🐉🐘🐋Instead of spooking yourself, Love the old storylines & movies you and the Collective have been playing and let them collapse into nothingness🌬🌬🌬Be ok being in the Chrysalis of Not Knowing as You ARE Becoming the Beautiful Butterfly🐛🦋🐛Revel in this Mystical Time of Expanded Consciousness. Expand through Love💖Love is the Way✨💖✨#astrology #1111